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Rules as Writ + Errata

The current version of THUNDER IN THE EAST.

5 days ago

I have found a fair number of TITE cards to be interesting but not worth selecting. Alan is reworking the cards to make them better in various ways, as well as retiring some that won't survive this ne
Oct 30

Looking at the Axis Display Mat ... there is an arrow that specifically goes from the "Repair" line and turns specifically into the JU-52 Training Box. Why? Reading [353.0] it seems like the only wa
Oct 24

Since IPs have now been limited (especially for the USSR) with the revised rules and are more Event Card driven, I think the "abandoned" requirement should be relaxed. It allows for the use of the
Sep 23

Other question! It seems some Panzerkorps have a Bolt - I came to understand that they provide passively a White Bolt. The first question that came to mind is - if a 'heavy' PanzerKorp offers a bolt,
Oct 31

I just ran my very first simulation using the revised "Devastating Airfields Attacks" and was only able to destroy 9 of the 22 VVS aircraft. Only kept one Stuka 'saved" for CAS, and made sure I inclu
Oct 28

New in this forum, and not fluent with english, i'm sorry... But everything is in the title : never heard about this kit. where can i found it, please ?
Oct 24

Well, I hope it's okay to post here ... but I'm looking at the kit to playtest Barbarossa and it really got me confused.  In the Axis Change Box you'll see a bunch of Pz Armies, the 14-6 units, and
Sep 20

I am quite puzzled there - since the FW190 were in different types. I may assume the FW190 - without the letter - bundles the whole of A, G and F types (forfeitting numbers atm, since an A2 is quite d
Oct 30

I see the restrictions on Hungary and Romania for the Axis side, but I can't see any restrictions for USSR. Can they attack and exert ZOCs across border, etc.? Thanks.
Oct 25

Baltic Sea Fleet has "Marat" while the counter says "Murat" The NOOB mat from the update kit says the MBR-2 is "Ready" while the Set Up has it lsited in the Force Pool. Which is correct? (I assume F
Sep 24

okay so im playing with a friend and we are about to hit july 4 and i noticed something so currently he has like 4 reserve air fighters in available and like 6 plains reserve in the flown box in vario