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FC's ETO Support

Here you will find support links by topic for the Frank Chadwick's ETO WWII multi-volume game series.

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What they are Saying...

Free Vassal Game and Playtest Kits

Great for joining our community at our virtual playtest table!

Volume I:
Thunder in the East

free Vassal Kit v1.1

ETO Series:
 Latest Rules post

free MS-Word .doc file v0.45
(in constant

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ETO Playtest:
TITE2 Project

free Vassal Playtest Kit v0.5.5

Be sure to download the latest ETO Rules (and post your feedback on our Forums).

And here is a Quick Start article that will help you go from TITE to TITE2 quickly!

ETO Playtest:
TITE2 Downloads

Scenario 1: Operation Barbarossa

Scenario 2: Operation Typhoon

Scenario 3: Case Blue