So Much For The Weather

The Motto of the Wise is: Be Prepared for Surprises

By Alan Emrich

There is nothing surprising about a change is the weather, is there? As in so many wargames, the weather die roll takes on almost mythical proportions as opposing gods of war await its augury. In Frank Chadwick's ETO, strategic weather patterns define the game's major Theater boundaries. The weather tables throughout the ETO series are based on the month, theater, and then for each a per-Game Turn die roll. The outcome of that die roll indicates the diktat of the map's Great Regulator – the weather. If you really want to see and feel the weather change, just play the Thunder in the East Operation Typhoon scenario!

Forecasting the Weather in the ETO Series

As we develop the entire ETO series, we have cast a weather eye on weather outcomes and effects. Below is a look at the full set of Weather tables and Locked turns (note that the South Atlantic and Indian Ocean's outcomes are "placeholders" until we sort that out for their use in Volume V: Victory at All Costs). You might want to study the strategic weather patterns (and note that die rolls of 5 and 6 are on their own columns each Month):

Surface & Atmospheric Conditions

Each type of weather has specific effects on surface and atmospheric conditions (which are generally clement or inclement). Since per-turn weather across Europe and the Mid-East is never 100% predictable, sagacious players plan for the most likely weather and prepare for opportunities presented by the slimmer chance of a change from that norm.

A Gallery of Weather, Timelock, and Theater Conditions

Take a moment to scroll through these ETO cards summarizing the various Theater-level effects. You will note their evolution as we "ETO-ize" the larger game series, including the introduction of a second set of Close Support Dice.

These Inclement Weather CS dice are similar to the Clement Weather dice you are used to, but these three dice have result symbols of: Shift, Shift, Blank, Blank, Airplane, and Airplane. They include no Heavy and no Red Bolt symbols as the Clement Weather CS dice do. Consequently, matters are less advantageous when applying Close Support rolls in inclement weather, but when permitted it could be worth the expected loss of performance and additional Air attrition from rolling the Inclement Weather CS dice.

Taking to the Air

Inclement weather can slow down the free improvement of Air units to goose as well as gander.