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Sep 24

Reserve air and Supresion markers


okay so im playing with a friend and we are about to hit july 4 and i noticed something so currently he has like 4 reserve air fighters in available and like 6 plains reserve in the flown box in various states as the russian.


so reserve air says when you enter the flown box you may place marker x on you.


suppression says at the end of the air cycle apply suprersion markers etc.


so if you say fly supresion on a person who has non reserve available air and lets say get 10 supresion markers from 4 different mission groups etc the owning player of the air applies the markers so.


lets say he applies the first supresion marker on plane one which moves to the flown box can he then apply a reserve marker to it as well? according to the rules you can ! so lets say he has 2 more plains available and does the same with both.


so now he has 3 plains in the flown box with reserve and suppressed markers on it the rest of his air is reserve etc. the rules says you cannot suppress reserve air. but the suppression rule says you then move to harming suppressed air then killing etc.


so please clarify what happens because it is possible to get both markers on a unit. does it stop when that happens or can you only have a max of one marker because they are the same marker two sided? etc


thanks Kirk

The going forward ETO Rules are being review to clarify rules questions. The working rough draft in the Air Reserve section is:

[352.1] Entering and Leaving the Air Reserve: Whenever your Air unit enters the Flown box (and only when it enters the Flown box) from the Destroyed box or after an Air Transfer Mission, you may have it freely join the Air Reserve by adding an Air Reserve marker from it. You may leave the Air Reserve by removing an Air Reserve marker after a mission from the available box.

An Available Air unit can fly a Transfer Mission to its Theater’s own Flownbox just to change its Air Reserve status, if desired.


There was never the intent to have Air Reserves be a magical safe zone you can jump to avoid suppressions. It is used to allow the Soviet Airforce to ensemble to a large enough size to confront the German Airforce. The Germans may use it later in the war to have fighters available to protect against strategic bombing.

Thanks, Jay. That right; we're thinking about this right now. :D

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