Operation WESERÜBUNG 2: Norway Landing

Updated: May 1, 2021

History as Game by the ETO Development Team

This is the second part of an extended example of play demonstrating the German invasions of Denmark and Norway in 1940 using Frank Chadwick's ETO's stand-alone Volume IV (Northern Fire) rules. Don't be surprised to find rules reference numbers, as this article is crafted from the rules book itself, and the illustrations are of our current playtest graphics, not the final ones for the series!

The previous installment shows the initial German invasion turn of Denmark. The next installment shows the Norwegian reaction and Allied response to this invasion.

Norway: the Northern Invasion

Axis Player Turn, April II ‘40:

On 9 April 1940, Germany declared war on Norway, becoming a Fully Active Allied nation.

With the capture of Alborg in Denmark during the Axis Special Movement Phase, things open up for the Germans. This Danish airbase allows German Medium-Range aircraft to fly over Norway and assist in supporting troop landings. From Alborg, they can operate against Norway’s main population and economic centers in its southern region (located in the Scandinavia Wilderness Region). See the dotted line in this illustration for the extent of Medium-Range from Alborg over southern Norway.

Axis Politics Phase, Declare War Step: Norway sets up its initial forces and then Mobilizes, rolling a 3 (-4).

Stavanger is captured without a shot.
  • This non-mobilization roll is a jackpot result for the Axis as there will be no Norwegian Ground units opposing their planned landings. Were that not the case, their invasion plan would need some quick rethinking to overwhelm enemy troops stationed at their ports!

  • According to their plan, the Axis use their Brandenburgers card to seize the Minor Port at Stavanger.

Although this provides an immediately usable Arctic Air Base, there are no Axis Air units based in the Arctic Theater. It also provides an immediately usable Minor Port, but no German forces are planning to land there. To the Axis player, it is enough that the Allied player cannot use Stavanger as an Anchorage or raise Norwegian troops.

  • Fortunately for the Allies, Norway starts with 1 PP (Personnel Point) if they get a chance to spend it (during the Allied Player turn’s Buy Stuff Segment)!

Axis Supply Step: The Axis player assigns Out of Supply markers to the:

  • [Submarine TF] UK SS Flotilla [1] in the Skagerrak Sea Zone.

  • [Patrol TF] UK BC Renown in the Norwegian Sea Zone.

  • [Patrol TF] UK CL Sqdn [18] in the Iceland Passage Sea Zone.