Operation WESERÜBUNG 3: Allies enter Norway

History as Game by the ETO Development Team

This is the third part of an extended example of play demonstrating the German invasions of Denmark and Norway in 1940 using Frank Chadwick's ETO's stand-alone Volume IV (Northern Fire) rules. Don't be surprised to find rules reference numbers, as this article is crafted from the rules book itself, and the illustrations are of our current playtest graphics, not the final ones for the series!

The previous installment shows the initial German invasion turn at Norway. The next installment shows the second turn of the German's invasion of Norway as they lunge up the country's central valleys in the face of Allied opposition.

Norway: the Northern Invasion

Allied Player Turn, April II ‘40:

Allied Politics Phase, Declare War Step: At the beginning of the Allied turn, their first turn following the Axis invasion, Norway suffers a Morale Collapse. We took care of Denmark’s collapse in the opening on this example of play.

To determine the effect of that Surrender, the Allies roll a 2, causing Norway to form a Pro-Resistance Government and continue resistance.

  • The Allies remove the Norwegian Morale marker and flip its Allegiance marker on the International mat to show its dark-colored border, indicating its infinite MPs. Players use Allegiance markers on the International mat in Volume V: Victory at All Costs.

  • Norway continues fighting for the duration until it suffers a Military Collapse or declares a Government in Exile.

  • Its Anchorages and Air Bases continue as before.

Allied Supply Step:

The Allied player assigns Out of Supply markers to the [Submarine TF] German SS UFlotte [2] unit in the North Sea Zone.

The Allied player flips the [Sturm/2FJ] Paradrop marker to its 1-4 Airborne unit side because it is in supply.

Allied Repair & Recovery Step:

Aircraft Maintenance Segment:

1 x Hampden Bomber from West Europe Flown to Available.

1 x Hudson Naval Patrol from West Europe Flown to Available.

Naval Maintenance Segment:

The UK BC Repulse at Scapa Flow is Refit and flipped to show its Ready side.

The UK BC Renown at Scapa Flow awaits Repair.

The Norwegian MS [1] unit that fled from Bergen to Edinburgh/Rosyth awaits Repair.