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Updated: Mar 6

Battle for Moscow II (B4M2) game developer Gerald “Jay” Johnson is pleased to announce that this project has moved into open (“out of house”) Beta testing. That means: Uncle Jay Wants You!

Battle for Moscow II is not exactly the classic introductory game from 1986, but a lower-complexity wargame created to stairstep players up to the full series of Frank Chadwick’s ETO games. B4M2 is the first in a new series of smaller campaigns using its own “hybrid” Battles for Europe game engine.

The 11" x 17" Battle for Moscow II beta playtest map

Each game in this series features a 12-page Standard Rules book, plus an Exclusive Rules sheet for that specific game, so a beginner really could learn it and an old hand wargamer could easily teach it to a new player.

The Battles for Europe series brings to the classic B4M introductory game’s system:

  • More unit variety,

  • Air Strike markers,

  • Nine Event cards (presenting simple game options and underscoring the game narrative),

  • The ETO’s Combat Results Table (creating more interesting operational puzzles and possibilities),

  • More diverse weather.

  • It also has the Winter Counteroffensive expansion kit scenario baked right in and a “mini-campaign game” linking the Typhoon and Winter Counteroffensive into a continuous play experience.

If you are interested in trying it out (or at least reading it over), you can download the free beta test kit HERE.

Battle for Moscow II 1/2" square beta playtest counters

The kit includes all of the print-and-play components for a magazine “mini-game” version (think C3i) that you can quickly assemble. It also includes a stellar, ready-to-play Vassal kit by Ken Keller.

Give it a spin and share your feedback! Send your comments for everything from first impressions to play balance to spelling errors directly to developer Jay Johnson (hobbitjay[at]

Thanks for your help! Look for other games in this series as we prepare them!

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