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Oct 5

Eto Rules v0.42 typos/corrections


Edited: Oct 5

I'm reading the latest ETO ruleset (v0.42). Thought I'd start a thread on any wording, typo,

or clarifications that I noticed.


In 112 under Air Unit Display Mat bullet point: "(that is, what mat they're on makes do difference" should be "...no difference...".


In 123.1 Epochs: "Total War (Germany is not at war with both UK and USSR)" should say "...is at war..." (i.e. remove the "not").


Thanks, Graham! I got 'em both fixed now. :D

Here's a few more:

125.4.1 and 125.4.2 open with "in additions". The s is not needed.


215.2 "max them together" should be "mix"


223.2.3 B "...per 241.4.2 and the {shift1} IDM..." should be "...per 241.4.2 and losing the {shift1} IDM..."


240.4 in the Communication and Supply box, I don't understand what is trying to be communicated in the second sentence in the second paragraph.


241.1 I found the Stressed Land HQs section to be confusing. Not the rules logic, just how it's written. The section is written like a series of decision trees which become hard to unpack. I feel like this section could benefit from the rule of threes. Outlining stress in three states.

1) Define the three stress states and how you get into them: Unstressed = no stress conditions, Managed Stress = Strategic HQ with 1 stress condition, Ultimate Stress = Operational HQ with 1+ stress condition or Strategic HQ with 2+ stress conditions.

2) Define effects of each stress level.

3) Then list the HQ stress conditions. This would make cross-references more informative. For example, in Rule 125.4 Wilderness, the fifth bullet could say "Adds 1 HQ stress condition (241.1)"


There are two sets of 250 Theatre Reserve rules. I'm assuming we use the black type ones.

Thanks, Graham. I have gone through and addressed all of these now; you will see the corrections in the next rules file update. We're experimenting with a new way of doing Theater Reserves, so yes, use the easily visible rules for now.

Oct 9Edited: Oct 9


And in 124.2, it calls out airborne units can not Paradrop (328.2). But there are no rules I can find in 328.2 nor any reference in that citing, that explain why.


The reference is right next door at 328.1.2.

New Posts
  • Rule 213.5 appears to allow the player to Build-Up at any point during the move. For example, a Panzer Corp can move on top of another Panzer Corp, and they can then form a Panzer army. In TitE, only prior to Movement was this allowed. In ETO, there is no rule stating prior to movement (or the movement of the units). Is that the intent? (Voluntary Breakdown specifically states prior to movement, if it matters). thanks