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Oct 10

Building Up


Rule 213.5 appears to allow the player to Build-Up at any point during the move. For example, a Panzer Corp can move on top of another Panzer Corp, and they can then form a Panzer army. In TitE, only prior to Movement was this allowed. In ETO, there is no rule stating prior to movement (or the movement of the units).


Is that the intent? (Voluntary Breakdown specifically states prior to movement, if it matters).





No, The rules states: " Your units can only combine (“build up”) into larger formations during the Regular Recovery & Reorganization Step of your Regular Movement Phase." That is a very precise moment in time and not "any point during the move." You might want to re-read the first sentence of 213.5 again.

Oct 11

Ah.... I see it now. Just got lost in translation.

No worries. That's why we have each other, to help with this sort of thing. :D

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