ETO Series Update (2-17-20): TITE2

Seeing is Believing

Ave, grognards! Per our last update, it is now time to share an initial, closer look at Frank Chadwick’s ETO as this project grows in scope from mere monster-size game volumes to a complete mega-monster game series. As with most good stories, we will begin at the beginning, Vol. I: Thunder in the East.

First, a little background: Most people involved with a new game’s release are very anxious when newly minted copies make contact with the customers. The initial feedback, forum postings, and videos shape the all-important first impression onlookers interested in that game will find. This is even more so when the stakes (and the game’s price) are high (as they inevitably are in a new monster-size wargame series). You know it is a nervous time when publishers chew their fingernails down to the knuckle.

The ETO team absolutely believed in Thunder in the East, but would it find its audience?

Much to our relief, the answer was a resounding “yes.” TITE’s impressive ratings on Boardgame Geek and brisk Facebook forum activity are testaments that you are really with us. Consequently, we have sharpened our focus (as told in our previous update, here) and are making sure we paint everything more precisely and further out to the corners of the canvas with each brushstroke. As we explore more deeply into the working features beyond the Russian Front, the greater ETO series is evolving and solidifying. Not surprisingly, some of these changes have rippled back onto Thunder in the East and have us looking at a new project dubbed “TITE2,” which is not so much a second edition of the original, but an update kit to ensure its smooth integration into the larger ETO series universe as this becomes more clear to us. When ready, this will be published separately and offered to TITE owners in a manner that publisher GMT will determine as its exact component list crystalizes.

Not surprisingly, some of these changes have rippled back onto Thunder in the East and have us looking at a new project dubbed “TITE2...

Highlights from TITE2

There are several matters, large and small, that have washed like waves between TITE and ETO as the series has evolved. Allow us to start by listing what we think are the most significant adjustments:

  • Improved Defense markers (IDMs) are no longer purchasable. You receive them principally from Free Stuff and occasionally from cards (where a few more have been added).

  • Air unit repair from the Destroyed box, and Upgrades from the Force Pool, now occur on the 1st Week of each Month only (excluding a few card exceptions, of course).

  • The ETO Axis and Soviet Naval units are presented and the full ETO Naval system is applicable.

Also, of notable significance are: