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Oct 30

Devastating Airfield Attacks


Edited: Oct 30

I just ran my very first simulation using the revised "Devastating Airfields Attacks" and was only able to destroy 9 of the 22 VVS aircraft. Only kept one Stuka 'saved" for CAS, and made sure I included the +1 DV for Major Air Bomber exclusive attacks.


So what am I missing that the majority of the Soviet VVS is available for July I? Why did design team go from basically crippling the VVS, to having a competent VVS in July I '41?


(Second simulation was worse at 8 VVS destroyed.)


Granted, the die rolls were crappy for two sets .... but this could happen, and we know how some of us like to complain about the Vassal die roller.


3rd = 14

4th = 16

5th = 12

6th = 10


I won't post more simulations, but would like to understand the thought process so I can adjust tactics and strategy accordingly, since there will be a VVS present right from the start.






This is actually the latest rule (which avoids all die rolling):

· Devastating Airfields Attacks: This turn, the Axis receive the following benefits conducting Airfields Attack Missions against the Victim nation as follows:

1) Axis Fighters in this Theater can conduct Airfields Attack Missions;

2) Each Major Air unit conducting Airfields Attack Missions during a Sneak Attack causes 2 Hits and each Minor Air unit causes 1 Hit.

3) For each Airfields Attack Mission Hit achieved, the Axis player places one of the Victim nation’s Air units in their Faction’s Destroyed box, Damaged (instead of merely suppressing it).

Oct 31

Isn’t this latest rule basically the same as the published TitE rules.

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