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Sep 20

Panzer Armies & Korps


Other question!


It seems some Panzerkorps have a Bolt - I came to understand that they provide passively a White Bolt.


The first question that came to mind is - if a 'heavy' PanzerKorp offers a bolt, why Panzerarmees don't?


Second comes a suggestion, that may differentiate further. Some units can have also a red bolt (as per a potential defensive shift too). I understand there are cards that give benefits to 'Elite Units', but SS armoured corps in general were high quality (whereas they've pratically standard statistics), and same is for the FHH unit (That whilst formed later on in the war, it was the Grossdeutchland corp. Pratically the cream of the Wermacht).


I fully understand that in a game with production where this or that regiment or division can conflux in this or that corp - there is a general standarization of units. But I believe some specific, quality units (at least for Germany) would add a helluva of chrome.


Third - while I understand in TITE the OOB may be fixed and strictly historical, in ETO Germany will have the capability to decide how to build their Panzerkorps (depending on their economics - probably an EP limit more than anything else dictating how many panzer divisions they can have and how many motorized, etc). [Example - they could build more panzerkorps than what they have for Barbarossa, or have more heavy ones with 3 PzDivisions, etc.]







The first question that came to mind is - if a 'heavy' PanzerKorp offers a bolt, why Panzerarmees don't?

Because a PanzerArmy featuring a 14-W-9-[6] "bolt" Corps must be paired with a 10-[6] Panzer Corps; together they make the standard 24-16-[5] PanzerArmy -- that is the combination permissible in the Change Box.


Second comes a suggestion, that may differentiate further. Some units can have also a red bolt (as per a potential defensive shift too).

No. Red bolts are usable on defense. This does not represent a defensive capability, but an offensive one.



Thunder in the East change box diagram.


To clarify Alan's comment: a White bolt can only be used offensively, while a Red bolt can be used either offensively or defensively. There are (currently) no Ground units with Red bolts, and the only Ground unit with a White bolt (again, currently) is the 14-W-9-[6] "heavy" Panzer Corps. The differentiation between bolt colors also applies to Air and Naval units -- so an FW-190A with a Red bolt could be used to either support your unit(s) that are attacking or a defending, but an He-111 with a White bolt can only be used to support an attack (never a battle in which you're the defender).

Sep 23

What I meant is that if a Panzerkorp with 3 panzer divisions is entitled to a White Bolt, a Panzer Army (which then would have 4 panzer divisions - and if you keep the army it is to attack with the army whole across a hexside) by logic should have a White Bolt as well.


I am aware of the difference between White and Red bolts. (And for all I know you could even have a Green Bolt that works in defence only!). To me it was a potential and valuable way to differentiate also troops in terms of quality beyond the written numbers of their combat factors.

I see a difference of the ratio of Panzer Divisions in that unit as 3:0 in "bolt corps" and 2:1 in non-bolt corps and armies. And I'm fine with that.

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